Sweet Car, In Line…in Front of Me at the Airport


While picking up the boyfriend at the airport, I waited behind this car:


Yep, that license plate says “NEILDMND”. #1 fan, I guess?

It made me wonder if I love any band or musician enough to put their name on my license plate. I thought about that for a bit while sitting outside of the baggage claim area. I decided that the answer is no. (And why make it easier for the cops to remember my plates as I go whizzing by?)

One of the most memorable plates I saw in my life said “B8TAZED”. I also remember meeting a woman with a Florida “ATHEIST” plate on her car. What’s an interesting license plate you’ve seen or considered?

4 thoughts on “Sweet Car, In Line…in Front of Me at the Airport

  1. My dad has a Beatles-themed license plate.

    Also, when I first looked at “B8TAZED”, I thought “bait…tazed…? huh?” Then after a minute, I got it.

  2. Ha! I was actually singing “Cracklin’ Rosie,” but I wasn’t able to make a car pun out of that one. 🙂

  3. My favorite part of this post is imagining you singing to yourself in delight, at the airport, alone in your car. As people walk by wondering what is so funny.

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