Conversations with Spambots, Part 2

Sexy Spambot with HatToday  I sat down at the computer to see a new IM from a potential new friend.  I didn’t recognize the screenname, but that’s not unusual. I considered briefly that it may have been from a spambot, but “mattp204” didn’t seem like a sexbot’s screenname, so I responded. After a couple of lines, however, the text coming in turned pink and the conversation turned familiar. I gotta say—some of the responses really surprised me.

mattp204: I got you now !lol was up
CFI Debbie: ?
mattp204: 🙂 hi cutie what’s up?
CFI Debbie: Just working. Do I know you?
mattp204: i hope you wanna talk to a horny gurl 2dayy… 😉
CFI Debbie: A horny girl named Matt?
mattp204: holy shit im wet right now, i got some toys…plz watch me play? I like when guys tell me what to do..
CFI Debbie: Then you’re barking up the wrong tree.
mattp204: i’m a lil busyy right noww, i just gott a new computer so im trying to set my webcam up..
CFI Debbie: Are you a spambot?
mattp204: if i was a bot ..why would i be wearing this hat?? lolz
CFI Debbie: I admit, that’s the best response I’ve ever gotten.
CFI Debbie: What hat?
CFI Debbie: Tell me more about the hat.
mattp204: lol iim kind of a webcam freak i guess you call it a fetish =x
CFI Debbie: What color is the hat?
mattp204: do you wanna watch me? well you arent a kid are yaa?..
CFI Debbie: you arent a bot are yaa?..
mattp204: Ok, now you really lost me?? bot???
CFI Debbie: Yeah! I think you’re a script automatically answering my questions based on keywords. And you’re going to ask me to go to a website and put in my credit card information to make sure I’m over 18 (although it’s free!) so that I can ostensibly watch “mattp204”, a “horny gurl”, on a webcam. So I’d like to know more about this hat you’re wearing.
mattp204: im wearing almost nothing lol
CFI Debbie: Except for a hat?
mattp204: ok.. welllll im gonna show you as long as you dont mind 😉
CFI Debbie: Let’s try to stay focused here, mattp204. What color is your hat?
mattp204: alright!.. go here once it loads click the green “Accept Invite” button on the left, its 100% free to join you just need to verify that you are over 18 ;p
CFI Debbie: Well, that’s a surprise.
mattp204: if you cumm 2 watch me ill do whatever you want 😉 hope you like a freaky girl cause i can get freaky! =x
CFI Debbie: How old are you?
mattp204: i use this website to play on cam that way i cant be recorded!…this site doesn’t allow people to record my cam! ;p
CFI Debbie: I can’t go.
mattp204: credit card is just to verify you’re of age, u get in for free thru my cam session invite since I’m a premium member, but u need to verify that ur over 18 babe just click the green “Accept Invite” on the left
CFI Debbie: Frankly, I’m not interested. I only wanted to know about your hat.
mattp204: suit yourself… ur prob a virgin anyways… peace!
CFI Debbie: Ooo, burn…
mattp204: let me know if you need help getting signed up..i’ll brb i want to slip into something sexxyy for you..k? 😉
CFI Debbie: I was a virgin for a long time, mattp204.
mattp204: im the girl in the pics..
CFI Debbie: I’ve never had sex with a woman.
mattp204: all womaan here baby 😉
CFI Debbie: Why is your name Matt?
mattp204: Ashlee
CFI Debbie: How old are you?
mattp204: k
CFI Debbie: If I ask anything else, you’re going to say something like “Hurry up, I’m sooo wet 4 u bbabe omg lolz”, right?
mattp204: mhhm nice and wet lol
CFI Debbie: Well, I have work to do that doesn’t involve “Ashlee,” so I’m going to bring this to a close. Consider me a virgin. Peace!
mattp204: are u in babe??
CFI Debbie: If you can’t tell, something’s wrong, ha! Bye, Ashlee.
CFI Debbie: BYE
mattp204: okay hope to see you soon xoxoxoxo 😉 :-*

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  1. That may be the best thing i have read in a long time…
    “Frankly, I’m not interested. I only wanted to know about your hat.”

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