Blogging Challenge Day 7: I Don’t Have Time for This

I really wanted to succeed at this 30-day blogging challenge. But I just evaluated my work hours last week and looked at my available hours this week, and I don’t have time to spend approximately an hour a day writing and posting frivolous articles.

I started physical therapy two weeks ago to treat the Achilles tendinitis I’ve had since May. Appointments take about 1.5 to 2 hours each in the middle of the workday, and when I factor in the driving time, related doctor’s appointments, and 4x/day stretching breaks I’m supposed to take, I lose a minimum of 12 hours from my normal work week that I have to make up at some point. When I realized on Friday that I was sacrificing stretching time to write, I knew I couldn’t continue this challenge. After all, I’m spending $30 for each doctor’s appointment and PT session, so it’s wiser to spend time doing the daily required stretches if it means I will recover sooner. So bye bye to daily blogging.

This writing exercise wasn’t without benefit, though. I put up daily posts for a week, tripling the number of articles I’ve posted this year. It was a step in the right direction! I worked on developing a writing habit and jotted down a few great ideas for future long-form articles. And regular writing helps with posting shyness. I’ll put together the long-form articles in the future and try to post the occasional personal piece to this blog when the mood strikes and my schedule allows.

Now, back to work!