Puberbiebs: Did Justin Bieber’s Voice Drop Yet? A Quick Investigation for No Good Reason.

Recent pictures suggest that Justin Bieber is not a kid anymore. A few nights ago I wondered if his voice has broken yet and how that might have affected his singing—or does he still sound like a chipmunk version of Usher? Because I generally don’t give a crap about Bieber, I didn’t know, so I decided to spend some time online looking for an answer. What can I say? The Internet is great for that sort of activity.

A quick YouTube search for “justin bieber 2011” turned up this treacly bit of holiday fluff:

Three fun facts about that video:
1) It has over 100 million views.
2) He’s really not dressed warmly enough for that weather.
3) You can sing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” over the whole thing. Try it! It’s fun. (Hey, I did say that these would be “fun facts.”) Or try singing one of the million other songs that use that same four-chord progression.

My conclusion: his voice is definitely lower, but he still sounds remarkably similar to the way he sounded when I starred in that music video with him a couple of years ago. Another quick Google search shows stories about his voice changing over the past year or two. I was going to try for a tasteful puberty joke at this point, but then I learned that 4,212 people on Facebook think that the puberty jokes about Justin Bieber are so old and stupid. And when I Googled “justin bieber puberty jokes” I found some that were really mean. That harshed my jocular mood.

However, I also found this (allegedly) accidentally-mispitched Bieber video:

And I remembered the tattoo of Jesus on Bieber’s calf, and I chuckled anyway. I also learned the term “puberbiebs.” That made me laugh out loud! So not only did I find the answer I was looking for, but also I got a good laugh out of the search. The investigation was worthwhile. Thanks, Internet.

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  1. ” Because I generally don’t give a crap about Bieber…” Me thinks you doth protest too much. You clearly have feelings for this… man. Don’t fight it.

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