I Had Minor Surgery on My Leg Today

The procedure is called varicose vein ablation, or “VNUS Closure™.” I have a family history of blood clots, which I’ve been taking into account in recent health decisions (avoiding hormonal birth control, exercising more to increase cardiovascular health, etc.). The pulmonary embolism my mom suffered a few months ago spurred me to check out treatment options for the varicose vein I’ve had on my right leg since I was 19. (Retail. Long shifts standing in one place.)

I’m throwing this post up quickly; just wanted to keep my family and some others in the loop. Pictures after the jump. Note: Don’t look if you’re squeamish.

So yeah, ow. I’m doing okay, but for some reason I hadn’t considered the ramifications of letting people slice through my tender leg flesh in half a dozen spots. Hurts. Can’t bend knee much. Can’t go hiking this weekend. Can’t figure out how to put on a shoe when I can’t bend my knee. But I should be back to things in a couple of weeks, if all goes well.


Morning before surgery. My boyfriend called this “Snake Leg.”



Just arrived home after surgery. Ace bandage compression over some gauze.


I later redid the bandage because it was bunching up behind my knee. Bruising in cool colors. Ow.


Oh, someone sent me a link to video of the surgical procedure. I’m not usually squicked easily, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it today.

One thought on “I Had Minor Surgery on My Leg Today

  1. whoa. recommending slippers, a shoe that you can just slide your foot into. watch out for the swelling, keep it elevated. when is your follow-up? hopefully you are surrounded by good will doers who want to spoil you somewhat and allow you more recovery time. good luck with your leg!

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