Portraits in Chalk at a Karaoke Bar: CFI Interns Stef and Tony

CFI Interns, Summer 2012

A couple weeks ago I took the two CFI summer interns, Stef and Tony, to the classic Buffalo bar Klub Karaoke.  (Wow, that site is dated.) We had an hour to kill before Stef had to go to the bus station; a karaoke dive bar seemed like a “FUN!!” way to pass the time.

The website mentions that there’s a “69 foot” (*snicker*) chalkboard bar—with free chalk!—which is a little strange but can indeed be FUN!!1!OMGZ. The music was too loud for casual chatting, so at some point I grabbed a piece of chalk and whipped up these two quick-and-terrible portraits of the interns:

CFI Interns, Summer 2012I got the mad cheesy chalk-drawing skillz, yo. Did I mention it was too dark to see well? For comparison, here’s a picture of them (and MN campus leader Sarah) I lifted from Facebook:

Interns at CFI

In case you’re curious, I did end up singing a couple songs—even though we didn’t have much time and I was fighting a phlegmy cough. I figured I couldn’t be worse than what was already going on. Really. Ow. The interns (who didn’t sing) helped select the two numbers: K-Ci and Jojo’s “All My Life” and the Guess Who’s “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature.” (I almost did Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” but I can barely hit those notes when I don’t have a sore throat.) Good times! And I made it through without coughing up a wad of mucus, w00t.

A+++++; would do again. 🙂

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