Journaling Day 4: In Which I Decide That Daily Digital Journaling Is Not For Me

30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge
Day 4 Prompt:

Choose a photo from your childhood and study it closely. What is going on in the foreground? The background? Who is in the picture and how are they related and interacting? Describe the setting and the furnishings. Make the picture come alive with your words!

Alternate Prompt:

Debbie: Are you evaluating a new opportunity?
This is an exercise about being mindful of the projects we choose to take on, by making sure each new challenge or opportunity supports our top priorities. Start by typing out “My top three priorities at this time in my life are…” and answer for yourself.

Then, consider a new idea, project, task, or opportunity that you are investigating, and write out some reflection: Beyond the initial enthusiasm, how much does this opportunity contribute to each of my top three priorities? How will my efforts be returned and when? How much will it COST, in terms of money, time, energy? BE PRESENT. BREATHE. LISTEN. SMILE. DO ONE THING AT A TIME. ENJOY.

My fears have been confirmed. It turns out digital journaling is not what I thought it was, and it’s not what I’m looking to do. I think I spend quite enough time navel-gazing and have no interest in doing that every day on my blog. Instead, I’d like to train myself to write topical articles and blog posts more fluently and quickly.

So, what to do? A quick online search turned up some other options for prompts:

My day is almost over so I’ll have to check these out more closely later. I’m still committed to creating a blog post every day for 30 days; I’m just not committing to soul-searching contemplative journal-style writing.

Unfortunately I used up tonight’s writing time reading websites about writing! Whoops. I’m glad to have some good idea resources for the future, even if I couldn’t produce something creative tonight. I suppose it’s a step forward that I don’t feel great about this post but am putting it up anyway. Go me. Bedtime!