JibJabbin’ with the Family


Last weekend I was hanging out with the fam back home in the Philly region for my brother’s wedding on Saturday. My younger sister came in from LA, my older one flew up from Miami, and I drove down from Buffalo. It was a lot of fun!

On Friday night we were sharing funny stories, and in a roundabout way I ended up on JibJab.com putting some heads in a couple of videos. This first one cracks me up:

Hahaha, balloon-head! Then I made this one featuring my younger sister as Luke, the older one as Leia, myself as Han Solo, and the boyfriend as an eerily-suitable Obi-Wan:

I didn’t have a lot of personal photos on my computer and didn’t feel like sorting through crap on Facebook, so they’re not the best images. But I still thought they were pretty funny!

3 thoughts on “JibJabbin’ with the Family

  1. That Star Wars video was hilarious! I couldn’t make it all the way through the Bieber song, but it was definitely giggle-worthy. Thanks for posting – I’m visiting jibjab ASAP!

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